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ICT & Convergence

Grace(Yongjoo) Kwon Sr. Director

- Information and Communication Technologies
- Solution Network/Online, HW, R&D, Ph.D
- AI, Machine learning, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Chatbot, VR, Deep mining

Kyungwon Jeon Sr. Director

- AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Robotics, Autonomous Driving
- Electronics, Display, Appliances
- C-level, R&D, strategy, marketing, Business Development

Grace Kim Sr. Director

- High-tech & Emerging technology
- Robotics, Automation & Smart Manufacturing
- Convergence business including Fintech, Digital media, etc.
- C-level, Business Unit leader

Michelle Song Director

- Big Data, IoT, Telecom, Mobile/Web Application, Cloud ( Paas, IaaS, SaaS), Network(HW, SW), Block chain
- CxO, Business Unit lead
- Marketing (Digital Marketing, BTL, ATL, IMC, PR), Strategic planning/Business development

Serina Jung Director

- IT, Mobile/Web Application, O2O, E-commerce, Block-chain, Start-up
- Software developer, Data scientist, Data architect, Web developer, IT planner, App developer
- Marketing(Digital Marketing, ATL, BTL, IMC, PR), strategic planning, Service planning

Sumi Hyun Sr. Consultant

- Payments & Transaction Processing Services, FinTech
- IT Professional
- Retail Industry

Esther Kang Sr. Consultant

- Information and Communication Technologies
- HW/SW IT Professional, IT Security, Digital
- Healthcare Technology, Biotechnology
- Robotics, IoT, Cloud, Big Data

+82-2-551-0459 Linkedin
Marco Shin Consultant

IT, Fintech, ,e-Commerce, Game, Digital AI/Big data Engineer, Data Analyst, SW Engineer, ML/DL Data Scientist, Web/Mobile Developer, Cloud, UXUI, Payment ISP, Accountant, CVC, M&A, CPLA, HR

+82-2-551-2333 Linkedin
Aileen Kim Consultant

- Telecommunication, media
- Big data, data analysis, data scientist
- Marketing, digital marketing
- Sales, business planning