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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) occurs whenever clients launch annual open recruitment drives or establish new firms or departments: Unico Search provides certain stages or the whole process of recruitment, including advertising, document review, interviews and exams/ tests. Through this outsourcing of the recruitment process, the client not only saves time and effort in conducting open or year-round recruitment, but also attracts highly qualified professionals and is able to enjoy our comprehensive database management. Various types of services are available upon request.

Selection Service

We receive and review applicant resumes on behalf of clients and recommend the most appropriate candidates

AD & Selection Service

We place recruitment announcements and advertisements in addition to the selection service

Search & Selection

When the regular recruitment service is not enough, we are able to provide a more advanced executive search to recommend appropriate candidates

Service Procedure Request RPO

  • Step 01 Service

    Service requests are made through our website, e-mail, or by telephone

  • Step 02 Analysis
    on Request

    Assessment and study of client needs and scale of recruitment

  • Step 03 Contract

    The contract, which includes the service rate, is drawn up after consultations about the recruitment scale and level of candidates

  • Step 04 Recruitment

    Recruitment planning is set after researching the target qualifications and professionals of the client

  • Step 05 Recruitment

    Recruitment advertising is placed on career portal sites and relevant online communities.

  • Step 06 Application

    Application forms are received via e-mail. (online and off-line)

  • Step 07 Resume Review
    / Candidate Selection

    A review of resumes (under the qualification criteria) is conducted. Candidates are selected for interview and recommended to the client

  • Step 08 Client

    The consultant in charge sets up a schedule for the client to interview chosen candidates, whilst supporting the interview process

  • Step 09 Selection

    A final employment decision is made and delivered to the candidates.

  • Step 10 Recruitment

    The project is completed and a follow-up review is carried out