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About Us

Our Values


Mission / Vision

Core Value
  • Accountablility


    Consistently maintaining
    the hightest business ethics

    Satisfying customers with integrity
    and an attention to detail

  • Innovation


    Aiming for process innovations :
    improving even routine taskes

    Setting product innovation target :
    creating value and prompt delivery

  • Expertise


    Dedicated to finding optimal matches
    using the best, fastest, and most accurate searches

    Established specialists with impeccable expertise
    and advanced solutions in human resources

  • Fun


    A company that employees have fun working for,
    based on mutual respect and a personal enjoyment
    of their role in the company

    Seeking to become champions in the field
    throught engaging in work enthusastically

  • Success


    Achieving our own success through the success
    of our clients and talented professionals

    Pursuing the balance of an enjoyable
    working environment alongside economic success