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For the search of Unique Fit

Perfect matches are possible.
This is what we believe in, and this is what we make reality

When we discover an optimal match, it is beneficial to all parties involved

Unico Search is an unprecedented "search business", which was launched in Korea two decades ago to solve business needs. From this point onwards, we have sought out unique and talented professionals, achieved optimal matches for these professionals and companies, and developed consultancy expertise whilst maintaining out excellent reputation.

Uniqueness in achieving the optimal match is our unchanging target, and also the reason why so many companies and professionals choose Unico Search.

From the foundation of business knowledge and dedication to excellence, we are preparing to go beyond Unico Search in Korea to compete with search firms on a global level as Global Unico Search. We are rapidly closing in on our goal of leading the field in this area

We hope that you will take the first step with Unico Search in developinga mutual cooperation and confidence beneficial for both us and you.

Thank you.