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Client Service

  • Our Executive Search Service is where Unico Search finds the most appropriate professionals for their respective positions, and recommends them to clients.
  • By studying the business aspects of our clients: including corporate culture, status and recruitment background, Unico Search intimately understands client needs . Our search service is based on a comprehensive and multi-dimensional analysis and assessments of talented individuals. This includes achievements, expertise, capacity and personality. Unico Search is able to find the best-suited professionals for positions at all levels, including CEO/executive, middle rank, and standard employee.

The advantages of human resources recommended by experts

Saving both cost and time in recruitment

A multi-dimensional analysis of professionals by way of field-specific consultants

Recommendations of talent based on our knowledge and experience

Service Procedure Request Executive Search Service

  • Step 01 Service

    Service requests are made through our website,
    e-mail, or by telephone

  • Step 02 Review/Analysis
    on Request

    The consultant in charge contacts the client by phone, or a personal visit for a more accurate assessment on the client's needs and the requirements of the position. - Assessment and study of the client's corporate status, recruitment background and job description.

  • Step 03 Contract

    A contract is drawn up after consultations concerning search strategy, service rate, and other considerations.

  • Step 04 Develop Details/

    A search strategy (procedure/method) is developed based on previous experience with similar projects, a study on the achievements of the expert. - Search target is developed.

  • Step 05 Candidate

    A candidate search is made through our internal human resources database and external networks.

  • Step 06 Consultant

    Consultants meet with professionals interested in the offered position, and thoroughly assess their suitability.

  • Step 07 Candidate

    The list of appropriate candidates is sent to the client, along with the contents of the Consultant Interview.

  • Step 08 Client

    Once the client has chosen a final candidate, our consultant arranges an interview schedule and supports the interviewing process.

  • Step 09 Reference

    Upon request of the client, a reference check is carried out on the final candidate.

  • Step 10 Selection/

    Negotiations between the chosen candidate and the client are held concerning the terms of employment, salary, rank/position, and the date of hiring.

  • Step 11 Follow-up

    After the employee has been hired, consultants check the satisfaction of the employee as well as the client and maintain continuous management of the situation.

  • Service rate (commission rate) and period may vary depending on the level of difficulty and characteristics of position.
  • Recruitment guarantee: between 3 to 6 months depending on service rate (commission rate) and voluntary resignation of the selected personnel