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  • Our Assessment Service is a comprehensive assessment of talented professionals provided by Unico Search through various tests and interviews, in order to help clients make the right decisions on matters of: employment, promotion, corporate restructuring, training opportunities (to upgrade work performance), momentum building through assessment results, and empowerment in human resources. Through this assessment service, clients can objectively evaluate the core competence and true potential of employees and potential employees.

Main Verification Criteria

Organizational loyalty, leadership and management style, a tendency towards change and evolution, a capacity for human resource development, communication skills, responsibility, career knowledge, aptitude, creativity, etc

Service Procedure Request Assessment Service

  • Step 01 Service

    Service requests are made through our website, e-mail, or by telephone

  • Step 02 Analysis
    on Request

    Assessment and study of client needs, and the purpose of assessment

  • Step 03 Contract

    The contract, which includes the service rate, is drawn up after consultations about the assessment type, recruitment scale, and level of candidates

  • Step 04 Assessment

    An assessment on the candidates is carried out, including a test, written survey, questionnaire and simulation

  • Step 05 Assessment

    Based on the assessment a comprehensive report with various indexes and indicators is written and submitted to the client