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Unico Way

Createing unique value, taking companies and talented professionals to the next level.

Unico Search was founded in 1984 as the HR department of Unico Business Service Inc. An unprecedented search consultancy service in Korea, it provided a business incubating service for foreign companies entering the Korean market. Unico Search became an independent corporation in 1992, and for the past twenty years it has been the leading the field.

The concept 'Unico' is taken from the idea of a 'unique corporation', and represents Unico Search's original and exceptional methods of service in the field of human resources. Our strategy is based on the concept of uniqueness- a 'Unique Fit', 'Unique Solution', and 'Unique Partnership'.

Unique Fit

The top priority for Unico Search is helping our clients and candidates develop their full potential. Unico Search accurately pinpoints client needs, identifying the unique aspects of a company and its available positions. It then identifies unique aspects of the talent available and creates an optimal match.

Unique Solution

Unico Search has gained extensive experience and expertise over the past twenty years in the executive search field. Our competent consultants, each specialists in their respective industries and job categories, have a comprehensive search capacity with access to a project management system, a global network, extensive resources, and a database of more than 100,000 professionals. With such comprehensive capacity, we have consistently provided the best recruitment solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Unique Partnership

Unico Search has a reputation for being an accountable partner delivering mutual growth. We have long provided the best talent pool - the core asset of the company. As a result, we have maintained a repeat order rate of over 70%: the best in the industry.

We continue to deliver the best service to our clients by creating unique value that no other companies are able to offer. By unceasingly applying all of our resources towards becoming the top global search firm, Unico Search promises to take our clients to the next level.