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Unico Search provides excellent services in the selection and management of talented professionals,
with a long history of service, experience, and expertise in the field of human resources.
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    Executive Search

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    Reference Check

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    Recruitment Process

Executive Search

- Our executive search service finds the most appropriate and desirable professionals for company positions.
Unico Search offers executive search services for all levels of employment, including CEO/top management, middle rank management, and working level employees.

Reference Check/background Check

- We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the final candidates that clients wish to employ through our reference check service.
To confirm the work performance and capacity of a candidate, checks are made based on information provided by previous employers, colleagues, clients, and alumni. .


- Our assessment service comprehensively evaluates all aspects of a prospective professional employee through their resume, rigorous interviews, and various exams/tests.
This provides detailed information for companies making decisions relating to employment, promotion and organizational restructuring.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

- Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can cover either stages or even the whole process of recruitment.
It includes advertising, document reviews, interviews, and exams/ tests which are undertaken whenever clients wish to launch annual open-recruitment drives, or need to establish new firms or departments.